Who we are



Cattier's story begins in 1968 in a shop located in Montmartre in the 18th district of Paris where Pierre Cattier sells different kinds of clays. He is one of the first to propose ready-to-use clays. His passion for products from the earth and the desire to share them with the whole family will shape the history of the brand over the years, making a small family business a pillar of natural cosmetics.


Daniel Aressy, pharmacist and cosmetology specialist, takes over the management of the Cattier company. A specialist in natural cosmetology, he brings new impetus to the brand, diversifies distribution and enriches the product portfolio of masks, scrubs, clay toothpastes, shampoos, shower gels and other hygiene and care products.


In the early 2000s, Cattier took a new direction in the footsteps of its founder and joined the association Cosmebio (Ecological and Organic Cosmetics) with the aim of co-writing the fundamental principles of organic cosmetics and carrying them through a strong label. The brand then positions itself as one of the pioneering companies of the Cosmetic Bio in France. This commitment led Cattier to expand its range by offering face and body care, baby and children care and certified organic, human and environmental friendly hygiene formulas.


In 2008, to strengthen its expertise, Cattier acquired a factory in Bondoufle and set up a new research and development laboratory where meticulous work is organized around natural active ingredients to give rise to ultra-sensory and innovative formulas designed with a concern for harmlessness and biodegradability.


Cattier becomes the French subsidiary of Kneipp, a German natural cosmetics group recognized for its policy of sustainable production and environmental protection. The Kneipp brand philosophy was created in 1892 by Sebastian Kneipp. Deeply convinced that a harmonious lifestyle is essential for lasting well-being, he revolutionized natural medicine by developing a comprehensive health philosophy. He based his method on 5 inseparable precepts of life: water, plants, food, physical activity and inner balance. The similar values and the strong identity of the Cattier and Kneipp brands made this association a real success. The two entities merge in France under the name Pierre Cattier SAS.


The year 2018 saw the celebration of the brand's fifty years. For the occasion, 5 Limited Editions composed of the brand's star products are dressed in a logo with a unique vegetal design. The nature, the brand's strong value, thus takes its full place and stands out as an essential element.

The communication operation continued to put the brand in the spotlight throughout the year: on the radio, on television as a sponsor of programmes such as Échappées Belles or Silence ça Pousse, on the Internet, at points of sale and finally in the streets through product samples distributed.

And 5 Ambassadors of Choice! Who better than 5 natural cosmetics enthusiasts to represent the 5 Editions Limitées Cattier. These Ambassadresses of choice are the spokespersons of committed beauty and take turns presenting their beauty favorites: Naturally Lyla, Golden Wendy, Et Dieu Créa and Peau Neuve.



Today, Cattier continues to be inspired in large part by nature and it is in this logic that the brand places respect and protection of the environment at the heart of its corporate policy. A global approach that complements our commitment to animal welfare. Indeed, in 2019 we have decided to have some of our vegan products certified and labelled by Expertise Végan Europe. We have thus been awarded the EVE Vegan label, which allows us to guarantee products without ingredients of animal origin or derived from animals. Thus, Cattier is committed to perpetuating the values of its founder: nature, authenticity, quality, trust and family.

  • Made in France
    In our own factory
  • Bio expert
    +50 years of natural beauty
  • Committed
    to the planet & animal well-being