Wash your hair naturally with Cattier organic shampoos. The organic botanical ingredients that make up our natural shampoos cleanse, strengthen, protect and effectively meet all your hair needs: dandruff, lack of moisture and nutrition, oily scalp, fragile, dull or easily tangled hair.

  1. Family Foamer 200ml New
    Family Foamer 200ml
    Body and hair for the whole family without sulfates 200 ml
  2. Organic frequent use shampoo
    Sulfate-free shampoo 500 ml
  3. Organic shampoo and shower gel
    Body and hair for men
  4. Organic sport shampoo and shower gel
    Body and hair
  5. Organic volume shampoo
    Sulfate-free shampoo for fine hair
  6. Organic dry hair shampoo
    Bamboo extract shampoo
  7. Organic extra-soft shampoo
    Daily use shampoo 1 liter
  8. Organic anti-dandruff shampoo
    Willow bark shampoo
  9. Organic shampoo for hair which quiclky regreases
    Rosemary vinegar shampoo
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  • Made in France
    In our own factory
  • Bio expert
    +50 years of natural beauty
  • Committed
    to the planet & animal well-being