Pamper your skin with Cattier's organic body care products, cosmetics adapted to all your needs that provide you with natural comfort and well-being.

  1. Gel douche douceur New
    Gel douche douceur
    Gel douche douceur thé matcha - yuzu 1 L
  2. Gel douche fraîcheur New
    Gel douche fraîcheur
    Gel douche fraîcheur verveine sauvage - citrus 1 L
  3. Coffret Mon rituel corps
    Coffret cadeau gelée exfoliante, baume pour le corps et beurre de karité
    Out of stock
  4. Organic body scrub
    Body exfolient peach and ylang-ylang fragrance
  5. Organic unctuous body balm
    Mosturizing body balm peach and ylang-ylang fragrance
  6. Organic fresh intimate cleansing carewipes
    Intimate carewipes x12
  7. Organic gentle intimate cleansing care
    Gynea 500 ml
  8. Organic gentle intimate cleansing care
    Gynea 200 ml
  9. Organic sulfate-free family foaming
    Body and hair
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  • Made in France
    In our own factory
  • Bio expert
    +50 years of natural beauty
  • Committed
    to the planet & animal well-being