Naturally rich in minerals, clay is known for its many cosmetic properties. Take advantage of the countless benefits of Cattier clay for your daily beauty routine. Clay powder, crushed or ready to use: in all its forms, our natural clay will allow you to take care of yourself.

  1. White clay scrub New
    White clay scrub
    Exfoliates, unifies - New formula!
  2. Black clay mask New
    Black clay mask
    Detoxifies, illuminates - All skin types
  3. Violet clay mask New
    Violet clay mask
    Anti-fatigue, Vitality - All skin types
  4. Pink clay mask New
    Pink clay mask
    Soothes, brightens - New formula!
  5. Green clay mask New
    Green clay mask
    Purifies, rebalances - New formula!
  6. Ultra-ventilated green clay powder 250 g
    Bulk green clay montmorillonite and illite
  7. Superfine green clay powder 3 kg
    Bulk green clay montmorillonite and illite
  8. Superfine green clay powder 1 kg
    Bulk green clay montmorillonite and illite
  9. Superfine white clay powder 200 g
    Bulk white clay kaolin
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  • Made in France
    In our own factory
  • Bio expert
    +50 years of natural beauty
  • Committed
    to the planet & animal well-being