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  1. Organic multi-purpose dry oil

    Sublime alchimie face, body and hair

  2. Organic matifying cream

    Day cream for combination to oily skin

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  3. Organic sun protection spray SPF30 30%
    Organic sun protection spray SPF30

    Sunscreen SPF30 face and body

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    Special Price €12.95 Regular Price €18.50
  4. Organic body scrub

    Body exfolient peach and ylang-ylang fragrance


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2021 novelties

  1. Black clay mask New
    Black clay mask

    Detoxifies, illuminates - All skin types

    Special Price €3.64 Regular Price €4.55
  2. Violet clay mask New
    Violet clay mask

    Anti-fatigue, Vitality - All skin types

    Special Price €3.64 Regular Price €4.55
  3. Family Foamer 200ml New
    Family Foamer 200ml

    Body and hair for the whole family without sulfates 200 ml

  4. Sublime alchemy shower New
    Sublime alchemy shower

    Sulfate-free shower gel with almond & ylang-ylang

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Find all the Cattier news on organic cosmetics and our beauty tips for a healthy life, in harmony with nature.

  • Stock up on natural and organic gift ideas

    Stock up on natural and organic gift ideas

    The end of the year often rhymes with fatigue, stress, mental burden, so what would you say to offering your loved ones a moment of well-being and relaxation for Christmas? With our organic and responsible gift sets, there is a gift for every personality. And the good thing is that there is something for every budget!

    Which well-being gift set for a moment worthy of a day at the spa?

    The Body Ritual set will be the perfect gift to offer to your mother or your companion if she needs to take care of herself and pamper herself! It is composed of an exfoliating body jelly that turns into a creamy milk on contact with water, a body balm perfect in winter to repair dry skin and a small shea butter, 100% organic and multipurpose, with repairing, anti-drying and protective properties.

    All this in a pretty box with terrazzo motifs for 25,95€.

    Your budget is limited? Opt for our clay multi-masking s

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  • Are our products vegan?

    Are our products vegan?

    With World Vegan Day coming up on November 1st, we thought it was a good opportunity to tell you a little more about our choices and actions regarding animal welfare. Would you like to know?

    Are our products vegan? Are we for or against animal testing? How important is animal welfare to us? We answer all these questions in this article.

    What is the difference between vegetarianism, veganism and vegetarianism?

    Vegetarianism and veganism are diets: the first is a diet without animals such as meat, fish or shellfish and the second goes further as it also excludes foods of animal origin such as cheese, eggs or butter.

    Unlike vegetarianism and veganism, veganism is a lifestyle based on the refusal of animal exploitation. Beyond a vegan diet (without animals or products of animal origin), a vegan person will also extend this state of mind to

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  • Taking care of curly hair

    Taking care of curly hair

    Whether it's wavy, curly, frizzy or even frizzy, your hair deserves special care.

    Do you know the right way to take care of it? Since their hair structure is different from straight hair, you need to adapt your beauty routine and you'll see, your hair will soon thank you.

    A special curly hair routine

    Step 1 - Choose a gentle shampoo with moisturizing properties to relax the curl. Avoid products containing sulfates, which can be a little too harsh for some hair, as well as those containing silicones, which can weigh down your pretty curls. The ideal is a gentle shampoo combined with moisturizing agents to prepare the hair for detangling. Difficult to find the rare pearl? At Cattier we have developed a 2-in-1 shampoo specially adapted to curly hair, which washes and conditions! It disciplines, moisturizes and coats the hair from the first step of the hair routine. For mornings in a hurry, it can stand alone.  

    Step 2 - Conditioning:

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