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Brin de Douceur day cream, with its soft and slightly pink texture, moisturises, nourishes sensitive skin and improves its overall comfort. Cell'Intact®, a protective active ingredient derived from buckwheat, creates a shield that durably protects the skin against pollution and other external aggressions. It neutralises everyday stressors and reduces sensations of heat. The soothing properties of organic brown linseed complete this effect by calming and relieving irritation. Day after day, redness and sensations of tingling and tightness gradually fade away. Pink clay softens, soothes and restores the skin's radiance. The skin is moisturised and protected, its softness and comfort are restored.


Every morning, apply to the face, the neck and the décolleté.
Pink clay: rich in minerals and trace elements, soothes and promotes a radiant complexion Cell’Intact® (derived from buckwheat): antioxidant, anti-redness, anti-pollution action, prevents signs of premature ageing Sensiline bio (derived from brown linseed): film-forming propertie which protects from external agressions, softening and soothing virtues Defensil®-Plus (derived from blackcurrant, a tropical climbing plant and sunflower): reinforces the cutaneous barrier, soothes and reduces inflammatory reactions, moisturises Organic Damask rose floral water: moisturises, anti-ageing, soothing and anti-oxidant

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