Sorbet de Beauté

With its fresh, light texture, Sorbet de Beauté rebalancing gel mask effectively moisturises the skin, matifies and restores purity and softness. Phycosaccharide® (extracts of brown algae and zinc), with rebalancing and astringent properties, eliminates excess sebum and purifies the skin. Bioecolia®, a natural active ingredient protecting the skin's ecosystem, helps to maintain the natural balance of the epidermis. A moisturising complex (Hydracire®S, organic aloe vera and organic hazelnut oil) soothes and repairs the skin while making it soft and supple. The exfoliating action of the papaya enzymes stimulates cell renewal and reveals a radiant complexion. The skin is perfectly moisturised and shine-free, for an even glowing complexion.
Apply in a thin layer, once or twice a week, on a clean and dry skin. Leave for 5 minutes then rinse off with water.
Phycosaccharide© (brown algae): Sebo-regulating agent, reduces the skin reactivy and inhibit the agent responsible of acne
Papaya enzymes: regenerates, exfoliates and stimulates cell renewal thanks to its keratolytic effects
Organic aloe vera: protects, moisturises and regenerates
Organic hazelnut oil: anti-oxidant, protects, purifies and softens the skin
Hydracire S® (jojoba, mimosa and sunflower waxes): Patent technology, provides comfort and moisturising to the epidermis and unifies the complexion
Bioecolia®: reinforces the cutaneous barrier, prevents unwanted bacteria from proliferating

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