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Colored hair

The colour care mask with a rich, melting texture, nourishes and prolongs the brightness of colourful hair. It repairs and strengthens the hair fiber for a long-lasting color. Its soft formula, enriched with rice extract an anti-radical active, and in Babassu butter, intensely nourishes the hair and gives them flexibility.
After shampoo, wring out excess water and apply on the lengths and ends Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes Rinse thoroughly
Kerarice, Obtained by the rice grains. - It helps to protect the hair from damage related to the radiation of the sun. - It makes the hair stronger and more resistant. - Its action allows to bring shine to the hair while protecting the color. Babassu butter, has protective and forming properties. - It prevents the scalp from dehydration. - It gives strength and splinters to damaged hair while protecting the hair fiber. Anti-pollution Purisoft actif, It helps protect the hair from pollution and strengthen the defense system to deal with multiple external aggressions.

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