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Soothing micellar gel

Pulpe Fondante

Ideal for sensitive, delicate skin types, Pulpe Fondante micellar gel gently cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes. Its light, refreshing gel creates a soft cushion between the cotton pad and the skin and protects it from overheating. The micelles, soft cleansing agents, capture impurities like a magnet without drying out the skin. The soothing properties of organic brown linseed calm the skin and reduce irritation. Pink clay is rich in minerals and trace elements to soften, soothe and restore the skin's radiance. Organic Damask rose water softens and strengthens the cutaneous barrier. The skin is clean and healthy.
Apply using a cotton pad or fingertips to the face, eyes and lips. With or without rising.
Pink clay: rich in minerals and trace elements, soothes and promotes a radiant complexion
Sensiline bio (derived from brown linseed): film-forming propertie which protects from external agressions, softening and soothing virtues
Bioecolia®: stimulates cutaneous barrier, prevents bacteria from proliferating
Organic Damask rose floral water: moisturises, anti-ageing, soothing and anti-oxidant
Hydranov : hyaluronic-like, restructuring and moisturising actions

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