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Envolée de Roses

A new beauty gesture is inviting itself in your daily routine. Inspired by the asian layering method, this cosmetic water durably hydrates the skin while protecting it like an urban shield from damage caused by free radicals and pollution. Thanks to its double hydrating and multi-protective action, this water not only soothe the skin but protects it also against any agressions all day long. It also boosts the action of everyday skincare leaving the skin hydrated, protected and radiant.

IN THE MORNING, to moisturise and protect your skin from pollution, hold 20 cm from your face and spray twice on clean, dry skin with your eyes closed. Massage lightly with your fingers until the mist has been absorbed. Then apply an appropriate day cream for your skin type. Ideal for use after sport or after travelling by plane, as well.

IN THE EVENING, to moisturise your skin, hold 20 cm from your face and spray 2 to 3 times on clean, dry skin with your eyes closed. Dab the skin gently with a cotton pad, then apply an appropriate night cream for your skin type.
Rose de Damas: softening, refreshing, soothing and anti-oxidant
Marine complex: Immediate and long-lasting hydration. Improves the autonomic rehydration of the skin
Thermal water: rich in magnesium, it revitalizes the skin.
Cell’Intact® (issu du sarrasin) antioxidant, anti-pollution action

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