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Murmure Éternel

The Smoothing Sleeping Cream Murmure Éternel helps to strengthen the skin's natural defenses and helps to preserve the skin youth capital. The active ingredient SkiNight 3R and the complex age defense1 Cattier (composed of montmorillonite clay and a combination of active ingredients of marine and plant origin), act synergistically during the night to repair, strengthen and energize the skin barrier. This combination of active ingredients helps the skin to fight against damage caused by environmental aggressors.
At the awakening, the features are relaxed and rested, the skin is visibly more radiant. Reinforced, the face is ready to face the aggressions of the day. The youth of the skin is thus preserved. An enveloping texture with a velvety touch thanks to the presence of Camellia oil which brings softness and hydration to the skin.
Press slowly the pump to deliver the optimum dose of cream. Morning and evening, having carefully cleansed and dried the skin, gently massage the cream using the fingertips into the faceand the neck. Pay particular attention to goose feet and forehead wrinkles.
Age defense complex1: Cattier innovation, acts at 3 levels contributing to delay and correct the first signs of age: The active ingredient from the earth (Montmorillonite clay enriched with an algae) stimulates collagen production, reduces the surface and volume of wrinkles. The marine active sea water (Noirmoutier) remineralizes, detoxifies and strengthens the skin. Plant active ingredient (white Marrube): helps the skin to fight against environmental and light pollution and to neutralize undesirable effects caused by screen light. SkiNight 3R active : Repairs the skin barrier from environmental damage caused during the day, Relaxes the features and muscles involved in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Reduces wrinkles Organic Camellia Oil: softening, prevents skin from drying out

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