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Acting as a genuine night cocoon, Songe Fleuri care, with its rich and melting texture, produces feeling of absolute comfort as soon as it is applied. Combined with nourishing and repairing organic sheabutter, Hydracire® S, a complex of vegetable waxes, sensoriality enhancer, prevents from dryness and provides softness and protection. Phospholipids, moisturising and regenerating active ingredients in perfect affinity with the skin, reinforce the skin barrier and answer optimally to the hydration skin’s needs. Organic blackcurrant seed extract helps to rebalance and replenish the skin.
Press slowly the pump to deliver the optimum dose of cream. Every evening, apply to the face, the neck and the décolleté. In the morning, the skin is radiant, velvety and renewed.
Phospholipids (sunflower origin): high affinity with the skin, moisturises, film-forming properties
Vegetable squalane: structure similar to hydrolipidic film components, protects from external aggressions and dehydration, provides suppleness and softness
Hydracire S® (jojoba, mimosa and sunflower waxes): Patent technology, provides comfort and moisturising to the epidermis and unifies the complexion
Organic aloe vera extract: protective, moisturising, regenerating
Organic sheabutter: regenerative, softening and protective
Organic blackcurrant seed extract: rebalancing, nourishing, act against free-radicals, restore elasticity and firms the skin
Organic sunflower extract: anti-oxidant, nourishing and softening

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