Are our products vegan?

Are our products vegan?

With World Vegan Day coming up on November 1st, we thought it was a good opportunity to tell you a little more about our choices and actions regarding animal welfare. Would you like to know?

Are our products vegan? Are we for or against animal testing? How important is animal welfare to us? We answer all these questions in this article.

What is the difference between vegetarianism, veganism and vegetarianism?

Vegetarianism and veganism are diets: the first is a diet without animals such as meat, fish or shellfish and the second goes further as it also excludes foods of animal origin such as cheese, eggs or butter.

Unlike vegetarianism and veganism, veganism is a lifestyle based on the refusal of animal exploitation. Beyond a vegan diet (without animals or products of animal origin), a vegan person will also extend this state of mind to the clothes he or she wears by avoiding, for example, fur, leather or wool, or to the cosmetics he or she uses by not choosing products containing ingredients derived from animals or animal production such as honey, beeswax or milk. It is a way of life that is based on the refusal to exploit, make suffer or kill animals.

Are Cattier products tested on animals?

Since March 11, 2013, the European Commission has definitively banned animal testing for ingredients used in cosmetic products, despite the absence of alternative methods. This represents a decisive step forward for our industrial sector.

At Cattier, we even go beyond this regulation by refusing to sell cosmetics in China that require registration and therefore testing on animals.

Are Cattier products vegan?

Generally speaking, natural cosmetics, concerned with animal welfare, only authorize ingredients from animal production (which have no effect on the health of the animal, for example honey). Raw materials that require the death of an animal, such as whalebone, turtle oil or collagen, are therefore prohibited in organic cosmetics.

At Cattier, we have decided to go even further with the VEGAN certification of a certain number of our products. We have chosen to work with the organization Expertise Végan Europe to certify our vegan products. Better known under the certification brand EVE VEGAN®, this independent organization has for mission the control of vegan products and services. It issues certificates of conformity for raw materials, products and services in the fields of food, cosmetics and textiles in Europe and the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, there is no regulation on the vegan market today, while brands and consumers are increasingly concerned about environmental and ethical issues. This is why we at Cattier have chosen to have our products certified by an independent organization, a guarantee of our commitment.

We have been working for several years to enrich our portfolio of vegan products. Each year, we reformulate a part of our products so that they are certified vegan and the great majority of the products that we launch are vegan.

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Now you know everything about our vegan policy. Feel free to ask us questions or make comments directly in the comments below.