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    • For your Beauty
      First, consume organic gives you a guaranty that all the products would have been formulated with natural raw materials or from natural origins mainly coming from the Organic Agriculture which is quite rich in vitamins, minerals and essentials fatty acids. The Organic Cosmetology is focusing itself in natural and high qualitative ingredients that are well known for their properties and benefits. It does not leave any space to synthetics ingredients qualified as “innovative and revolutionary” which have no real interest for the skin.
    • For the earth
      An Organic Cosmetic is also helping to preserve the environment through a very strict way of production. The organic ingredients that are used not only guaranty the exclusion of pesticide, chemical fertilizer or even GMO but also that the way they are produced is quite simple and do not pollute (cold pressing, soaking, water vapors…). Besides, in order to preserve the nature and also the animals environment, all the materials and substances that might increase the pollution and that are not biodegradable are forbidden. HDPE packaging are prioritized since they could be entirely recycled, plus, only ingredients that come straight from the animal production ( which do not have any impact on the animal health or life such as honey for example) are authorized.
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    • Cattier’s products are ECOCERT certified. They respect very strict rules defined by the Ecological and Organic Cosmetic charter created by the Industrial Commercial Minister. They can easily be recognized thanks to the Organic label which guaranty:
      - At least 95% of the total of ingredients are naturals
      - 95% of the total of vegetal ingredients are from Organic Agriculture
      - At least 10% of the total of the ingredients are from Organic Agriculture. This percentage can be explained by the fact that water is mainly used into the formulas which is not certifiable and which represents 60 % to 80% of the product.


      Cattier’s organic cosmetics are also guaranty without :
      - GMO
      - Paraffin, silicone, PEG, aluminum salts
      - Synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants
      - Synthetic conservatives non authorized by Ecocert such as parabens, phenoxyethanaol, EDTA, DMDM, Hydantoin…
      - Raw materials from animal origins (only the ingredients produced by the animal and which do not have any impact of its health are authorized)
    • First of all, it is really important to get to know that a product is called “natural” when 100% of its ingredients are naturals. An organic cosmetic contains natural ingredients which for most of them are from the organic agriculture. What we call a “natural” product might not be organic.
      With naturals cosmetics’ products it is not possible to get to know if some pesticides or fertilizers have been used for the growth of the ingredients nor to get to know their impact on the environment. Cattier is paying attention to use in its products as much as possible ingredients that are from the Organic Agriculture in order to develop safe cosmetics for both of your skin and environment.
    • While you are buying an organic cosmetic it means that it has been produced respecting the eco-conception rules to preserve as much as possible the environment during every step of its development:
      - the culture of the raw materials used exclude pesticide, chemical fertilizer or GMO
      - the raw materials are produced in a quite simple way which do not pollute and are biodegradable
      - its manufacture respects the environment such as the cleaning products used which are regulated in order to reduce the pollution
      - its packaging is biodegradable or recyclable
      - the company has an ecological politic regarding energy saving and waste recycling
    • With organic products we do not use any colours or perfume’s stabilizers since those ingredients are synthetics. The colour and smell might change a little bit after some time more than non-organic products but it does not have any direct impact on the products quality and properties. The very first difference comes from the fact that synthetics’ perfumes are not used in organic cosmetics. Instead, natural fragrances, water extracts or ethanol are mostly used and as a result the smelling molecules are less present then if they have been synthetized.
    • The textures in organic cosmetics have evolved and are much more close to conventionals’ ones. The main different is that an organic product does not contain any silicones because those are not biodegradable. The silicones are mostly used to bring softness, light and a shiny aspect that is the reason why there are mostly used in conventional products. Organic cosmetics also do not contain synthetic gellants such as carboners that create every type of textures (milk, cream, gel, cream gel) without having this glue aspect. Just a few gellans are authorized by Ecocert ( xanthan gum, cellulose, carrageenan) and those ingredients generally brings some gluing aspect. To balance this we are using natural products and high quality ingredients such as butters and organic vegetals’ oils. Today we finally have access to more and more ingredients from natural origins, their properties are quite similar to all those synthetics ingredients so that organic cosmetics could get textures that are closer than conventional products.
    • Cattier’s products has been developed in order to be stable and conserved for months with the ambient temperature. It is not necessary to put them into the fridge. Nevertheless, for a better conservation, we recommend to preserve our products from light and hits by placing them ideally into a closet.
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    • Cattier’s company has been created in 1968 by Pierre Cattier, one of the founders of the harmonist movment. Very found of natural medicine and treat, he interested himself to the development of clay products for cosmetic and medical’s uses. As a visionary spirit, he converted lots of contemporary persons to the use of simple and natural ingredients. In 1987, Daniel Aressy, druggist in cosmetology, specialized in natural cosmetics, took the head of the company while pursuing the founder philosophy and developing a wide range of new products always more efficient and based on natural ingredients. Thanks to his impulsion, Cattier’s joined COSMEBIO’s association and started its Organic and Ecological Cosmetic’s transition.
    • Expert in Natural Beauty for more than 45years, Cattier is an inescapable brand from the organic cosmetic industry. Its main objective is to make consumers daily benefit as much as possible the nature’s richness without affecting it. Plebiscite by the families and regularly rewarded by organic’s specialists, Cattier’s products are the perfect match between quality, efficiency and pleasure of use.
    • Since its creation in 1968, Cattier has always been opposed to animal testing. Indeed, none of Cattier’s products have been tested on animals, plus in compliance with EU regulations there is no test on animals. Tests on animals are forbidden in European Union on cosmetics products since the 11th of September 2004, and since the 11th March 2009 on ingredients and ingredient’s combinations (except complex tests which have no validated alternative)
      But since the 11th March 2013, the European Commission has definitely forbidden animal testing on cosmetic products in spite of the absence of alternative method.
      This is a decisive advance for our branch of industry. Besides, Cattier sells in China cosmetics that do not require a recording and any animals testing.
    • According to the Cosmébio charter, Cattier’s products do not contain any unauthorized conservatives (curator) of synthesis : paraben, phenoxyethanol, EDTA or still DMDM.
    • As we are concerned by the environment, we chose to limit the number of our secondary packagings which are often useless and have only an esthetic role. As a result, 78% of our products are without cases and 100% are without note. Furthermore, we reduce the size of the cases to limit our cardboard consumption. Our packagings in HDPE are completely recyclable. The logo “Green Point” appearing in the back of our products, indicates that we participate in the program of valuation and waste recycling. We invite you to participate in the environmental protection by sorting the packaging of all the products which you use.
    • Airless flasks are the perfect solution to protect the product and to ensure it isn’t deteriorated. It avoids bacterial contaminations because during the application we don’t put fingers in the jar, you have just to put pressure on the push-button of the flask to obtain a dose. So you are protected from contamination and UV radiations, and creams keep all their properties. The system airless works in the following way: there is a pocket inside the flask which contracts when the product is used. The pocket compresses totally so that all of your product is restored to the customer. You have no loss of product with an airless flask.
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    • When products preserve more than 30 months, according to the laws, the expiry date is not mandatory. Nevertheless, you can find on Cattier products the PAO (period after opening) which indicates the shelf life of the product after the first opening. It is indicated on products by a pictogram which represents an opened jar and inside the shelf life per month is written.
    • There are various methods of extraction: the cold pressure and extraction by solvent. Cattier chose to extract his shea butter by cold pressure. This method allows to obtain a better quality of shea butter because active ingredients are protected. Furthermore, it is approved by ECOCERT on the contrary of the extraction by solvent and it allows the shea butter Cattier to be certified Organic.
    • The shea butter melt in a temperature of 37°C (the body temperature). To be packaged, it is slightly warmed at this temperature. According to the ambient temperature, the cooling time can be more or less long and cause appearance of granular aspect. However, it doesn’t alter at all the qualities of shea butter.
    • The diaper rash is due to the maceration of urines and saddles, in nappies, which irritates baby’s skin. The oleo-calcareous liniment is a soft cleaning product, particularly recommended in case of diaper rash. At the same time it serves as milk of toilet and as care because his formula hydrates intensely the skin. Furthermore, the presence of calcium and vegetable oil make it very soothing and effective against skin infections. He can be used during every exchange to prevent and calm irritations of the diaper rash.
    • The Green Clay shampoo contains an important percentage of clay with absorbent and purifying properties to regulate the fat excess sebum of scalps. The particles of clay tend to settle at the bottom of the product because of their density. It is recommended to well shake the product before its use. It doesn’t alters at all the properties and the quality of the shampoo
    • This product compound largely of talc. It is a question a mineral powder, an organic not certifiable ingredient. Indeed, only the plant ingredients, resulting from the organic farming, can be certified organic.
    • Clay in bulk are only containing pure clay mineral and ready for use, clay and water. These two ingredients are certifiable; these products cannot wear the mention Cosmébio.
    • A few essential oil is discouraged for pregnant women, in particular by oral way, in inhalation or when it is applied on the skin with important quantity and not diluted. In small quantity, as it is the case in most of the products, the contact with the skin is not risky. All care of oral hygiene, our knowledges in soap as well as our care of toilet orders Gynea can be used by pregnant women. For any further information and before using a product, it is recommended to discuss it further with your pharmacist or with your general practitioner.
  • Where to test and find Cattier products?

    • Cattier doesn’t send samples to his customers. You can find samples in our point of sale. Do not hesitate to ask them for information and for samples. To find the closest point of sale from your home, you can consult our section “Where to find our products”.
    • We do not sell our product directly to the private individuals. You can find our products in organic stores, pharmacies, drugstores, and department stores. To find the closest point of sale from your home, we invite you to consult the section “Where to find our products” in our website