Daily use

Cattier’s extra gentle shampoo is rich in wheat proteins and softens and brightens all hair types. Its light and delicate mousse formula strengthens hair from the roots and facilitates disentangling. It can be used daily thanks to its ultra-soft formula with balanced pH.

Apply on wet hair and lather by gently massaging. Wait for a few minutes then rinse off with warm water.
Wheat proteins: nourishing, protecting, conditioning, softening, anti static
Organic lavender flower water: purifying, soothing
Glycerine: (vegetable origin): smoothing, moisturising
Plant vinegar (lavender, rosemary, sage, thyme) : softening, anti-oxydant, anti-inflammatory, protecting
Lavender essential oil: purifying, soothing, antiseptic, regenerating
Sage essential oil: reduces scalp perspiration

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