Deodorant Roll-on 24h efficiency

This roll-on deodorant Cattier, 24h efficacy, has been especially created to bring softness, comfort and freshness all day long. Formulated without alcohol and aluminium salts, it protects and respects sensitive skin of the armpits even recently waxed. The Dermosoft®, a natural active agent, which is both anti-bacteria and purifying, prevents body odor without blocking the natural perspiration process. It doesn’t leave any white marks or yellow stains on clothing. Its soft fragrance with cherry blossom notes leaves a discreet and perfumed veil on the skin.


Apply the deodorant on a clean and dry skin.
Organic aloe vera: moisturises in depth, softens, protects and regenerates the epidermis
Sage : regulates excessive sweating, purify
Dermosoft® (natural antibacterial agent) : purifies and prevents growth of bacterium responsible of bad smells.
Bisabolol : smoothes the epidermis

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