Guaranteed Natural and Organic Eco friendly cosmetics which respect consumer choice and expectations.

In order to use the “Certified Organic” label on its products, Cattier complies with the very stringent regulations laid down by the Ministry of Trade & Industry’s specifications for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics.

Strict control and government approved product certification


Cattier Eco friendly and Organic products are certified organic because:

  • At least 95% of ingredients are of natural origin

  • At least 95% of plants used are produced by Organic Farming methods

  • At least 10% of ingredients are produced by Organic Farming methods

  • The company operates eco friendly energy and waste disposal management policies (selective sorting and recycling).



All Cattier certified organic products are inspected and certified by ECOCERT (government recognised Organic Certification body).

Likewise, product manufacture and packaging, energy and waste management, transport and storage are all inspected by ECOCERT.