Cleansing Foam

Even milder because it is made without soap, Cattier Cleansing Baby Foam perfectly cleans baby’s hair and skin. Well-suited to baby’s fine hair and sensitive skin, it has an ultra-light and self-foaming texture to make bath time a fun and special moment filled with tenderness. Its formula, enriched with rice proteins and sweet almond extract, leaves the skin feeling soft and comfortable, and wraps baby in a soothing fragrance.

Content : 150ml
Hold bottle upright and press down on the pump to obtain a dose of light and airy foaming wash. Apply to baby’s wet skin and hair, then rinse thoroughly.
Organic calendula extract: soothing and softening
Glycerin (vegetable origin): moisturising, smoothing and softening
Rice proteins: protective, softening, nourishing, repairing
Sweet almond extract: nourishing, softening, soothing

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