Cleansers & make-up removers

Discover Cattier's organic make-up removers and facial cleansers that remove make-up and gently cleanse, for a more supple and healthier skin naturally.

  1. Bio micellaire reinigingsoplossing
    Reinigt vette huid met imperfecties
  2. Organic cleansing water
    Cleansing water sensitive eyes
  3. Organic biphase make-up remover
    Biphase make-up remover sensitive eyes and lips
  4. Organic hydrating cosmetic water
    Moisturizing mist damascus rose et marine complexe
  5. Organic facial cleansing wipes
    Cleansing wipes face, eyes and lips
  6. Organic soothing micellar gel
    Micellar cleansing gel sensitive skin
  7. Organic surgras karité gentle vegetable soap
    Gentle soap with shea butter face and body
    Out of stock
  8. Organic Argimiel gentle vegetable soap
    Gentle soap with white clay face and body
  9. Organic Alargil gentle vegetable soap
    Gentle soap with green clay face and body
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  • Made in France
    In our own factory
  • Bio expert
    +50 years of natural beauty
  • Committed
    to the planet & animal well-being