Paris pêle mêle
Cattier 's baby range discovery

I've just discovered Cattier's new babies range, an organic brand that I appreciate very much for its affordable and simple products

Constance Rose
Cattier's organic hair layering

After only couple of weeks of using Cattier's products, my hairs seem to have found back their real nature, they are naturally most shiny

Les Sens de Capucine
Cattier's colored hair shampoo

This mask is super easy to use thank to its nozzle that truly helps for the application, ant its texture is quite smooth. As a result, the produt does not flow everywhere and it's smell so good with its slight lemon notes

Une Parenthèse Mode
Hair care routine

Everytime I am using Cattier's products I have lots of compliments on my hairs since their colour is so intense

Carnet Prune
Spring beauty routine

Right now I am using Cattier's normal skin type face cream [...] it does hydrate and purify my skin deeply

Clothes Paper
Sensitive skin range

Without any surprise, my favorite product of the whole range is the Soothing micellar gel composed of pink clay and brown flax. Named « pulpe fondante », the name matches perfectly !

Une Parenthèse mode
Sensitive skins range routine

If you have a sensitive and reactive skin as mine and have been looking for qualitative and efficient organic products, I invite you to discover these skin cares from Cattier.

Les Crèmes de Lucie
Exquisite new products from Cattier

They have it all ! Not only this bright new line is pleasant to use but it also respects the promesses that have been made.

Naturellement Lyla
Healthy and clear skin with Cattier's multimasking

[...] in this article I'll give you beauty tips to take care of your skin and look fabulous ! To do so, there is no better way than doing multimasking fare care thanks to Cattier's clay.

Lady Heavenly
Cattier's cleansing care

Let me introduce you my daily cleansing and organic face care routine !

Naturellement Lyla
Routine to oily skin

I finally share my face routine for combination to oily skin with the adapted range from @cattierparisfr.

Leur Monde A Elles
New organic hair routine

I'm talking about my new organic hair routine with Cattier products. I was lucky to discover these products and since then, I just cannot do without !

La Parenthèse d'Or
New cruelty free routine

I had a crush on Cattier, with his cleansing oil, which I use for the eyes, it is awesome !

Best Of Vanity
Cattier cleansing foam

As usual, I share with you the latest products recently arrived in my closet!

Les Perles Lyonnaises
Cattier Liniment

Regarding the small buttocks of baby, I opted for liniment from Cattier [...] I also like Cattier's commitment to farming reasoned and made in France.