Best organic products of 2018

Three for one! The Baby Cleansing Gel, the Deodorant Roll-On 24h and the Redensifying serum oil “Absolu de Beauté” have been elected “Best Organic Products 2018” by a jury of consumers.

Without any sulfates and soap, the Baby Cleansing Gel respects babies’ sensitive skin and keeps it hydrated. Formulated without alcohol, anti-marks and antibacterial due to the Dermosoft technology, the Deodorant Roll-On 24h prevents body odor and respects sensitive skin. Last but not the least, the Redensifying serum oil “Absolu de Beauté” which smooths, firms up and strengthens natural skin’s elasticity thanks to precious oils, happens to be the radiance boost of the Wrinkles and Firmness range.


Best organic products of 2017

The Cattier Pre – Shampoo Detox Mask and the Comforting Sleeping Cream “Tendre Cocoon” have been elected “Best Organic Products” 2017 by a jury of consumers!

The secret to get fabulous hair? This mask purifies and soothes all scalps, even the most sensitive, thanks to the association between pink clay and organic lemon. By short nights, is your skin tired and damaged? The Comforting Sleeping Cream is the miracle. Fine lines are smoothed away by Kombu algae and the skin is plumped-up upon awakening. In your daily life, Cattier’s products are your beauty partners.


Best organic products of 2016

To moisturize and nourish the skin in summer after sun exposure or to give confort and protection in winter, Cattier's Milky Shower Oil is adapted to each season. Its unique properties enabled it to be elected « Best Organic Product 2016 » by a jury of consumers !

Soap and sulfates free, the Cattier Milky Shower Oil gently cleans and preserves the natural moisture of the skin.

Its innovative texture offers skin smoothness and comfort of a milk and nutrients and soothing properties of organic vegetable oils association.


Best organic products of 2015

The Cattier Anti Dark-Spot, Anti-Ageing Hand Cream has been voted 2015 Best Organic Product by a French consumer panel!

A real technical achievement, it combines an Organic formula and effective, high-performance active ingredients (white clay, sea lily, evening primrose oil) in a smooth, gentle, non-greasy texture.

Your hands are protected, more even, for a visibly more youthful appearance.