Baby & child

Cattier's organic baby and children's product lines offer the natural solution for healthy and environmentally friendly hygiene for young and old alike.

  1. Organic baby sun protection cream
    Baby sunscreen SPF50+ face and body
  2. Organic sulfate-free family foaming
    Body and hair
  3. Organic liniment
    Organic cleansing milk for diapers 500 ml
  4. Organic liniment New
    Organic liniment
    Organic cleansing milk for diapers 200 ml
  5. Organic baby cleansing foam New
    Organic baby cleansing foam
    Baby cleansing foam hair and body
  6. Organic cleansing gel New
    Organic cleansing gel
    Baby cleansing gel hair & body
  7. Organic detangling shampoo
    Apple fragrance
  8. Organic toothpaste 2-6 years
    Watermelon taste
  9. Organic toothpaste 7 years +
    Orange taste
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  • Made in France
    In our own factory
  • Bio expert
    +50 years of natural beauty
  • Committed
    to the planet & animal well-being