Peach and Ylang-Ylang fragrance

This delicately-scented body balm , with its rich and unctuous texture nourishes and repairs dry to very dry skins. Enriched with cupuacu butter and with purple clay, it soothes, reduces tightness feelings and restores radiance to the skin. Its melting texture penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film. Keenly moisturised, the skin is soft and supple.

Apply generously on the body. Massage to penetrate.
Purple clay:: restores supleness and radiance to dull and weaken skins
Organic cupuacu butter : moisturises, nourishes and strenghtens the skin barrier. Soothing and repairing properties are recommended for dry and weaken skins
Organic aloe vera : soothing, moisturising and protective
Organic masterwor flower : riched in en flavonoïds. Repairing , healing and anti-inflammatory properties

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