Sleeping crème réconfortante

Comforting sleeping cream

Tendre Cocon

Tendre Cocon comforting sleeping cream, with its fresh and ultra- melting texture, soothes, moisturises and regenerates the skin. Acting like a soft cocoon, its formula uses the soothing and softening benefits of pink clay and Defensil®-Plus, a natural innovative protecting active complex to revitalize and help the skin to recover from everyday stresses, leaving it soft and wrapped in a protective veil. It restores the skin's protective barrier, relieves redness and sensations of heat and reduces skin reactivity. It repairs the skin, stimulates cellular renewal and revitalises tired skin thanks to Kombu algae, a regenerating ingredient extracted from a Japanese algae. In the morning, the complexion is glowing, fine lines are smoothed away, the skin is radiant, soft and plumped-up.