Rosée Florale

Alcohol-free Rosée Florale lotion completes cleansing and gently awakens the radiance of the complexion. Enriched with organic rose and camomile waters and organic calendula extract, it soothes, refreshes and softens the epidermis. Moisturising and nourishing wheat proteins tone and firm the skin. Enriched with a subtle combination of essential oils, this beauty lotion releases a delicious fresh and delicate fragrance.

Organic camomile flower water: soothing, smoothing, relaxing
Organic rose flower water: soothing, moisturising, refreshing, purifying and astringent, tones and firms the skin
Wheat proteins: protective, nourishing, moisturising, give elasticity and firmness to the skin
Organic calendula extract: soothing, anti-inflammatory, healing